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Jaden & Colden’s Love Story:

Colden and I met in high school years ago. Although we have been friend for what seems like forever it was never the “right time” for us. After high school he went off to school as did I.  Colden went to Madagascar Africa for a business venture. We kept in contact, and after years of asking him when he was going to come home he finally did at the least expected time. I was currently living I Oregon with little interest to move home. The moment we saw each other after years of being apart, we knew. It was as if you could see the sparks ignite. We soon moved in together and stared planning our life.

Colden is a huge hunter and has quickly got me into the bird game scene. As I came close to finishing my hunters safety grouse season opened. He promised me when I got my first wild bird he would pop the question. If you don’t know much about grouse, they are like the ghosts of the mountains these birds are so sneaky.

We had gone out for a few nights in a row and I had stated to get frustrated. The sun started setting and we decided to go to one more area to see if any happened to be right off the road. We ended up venturing off into the thickest trees ever. As we started heading back I began to get extremely frustrated, to the brink of tears. We walked back to the car Coleen called me over to look at a moose he had spotted. I looked at the moose in awe he had gotten in one knee and when u turned around he asked me to be his wife!

How cute is that? I always love reading my couple’s love stories! Jaden & Colden decided to get married at Sleepy Ridge Wedding Venue in Lindon Utah. I loved this venue because it had an outdoor area for the ceremony and reception. Which let’s face it can be rare in Utah. It also had a gorgeous reception room with large windows and white walls. Jaden also decorated her wedding with her own macrame! She’s so talented! You can view here macrame work here:

My favorite part of Jaden & Colden’s wedding was the ceremony! Colden’s cried as he saw Jaden for the first time in her wedding dress, escorted by her father and grandpa down the aisle. Not only that but they both cried several times during the ceremony, and I swear you could feel the emotion and love just standing there. It was such a surreal thing being in the presence of their raw love as they said their vows to each other under the gazebo at Sleepy Ridge Wedding Outdoor Venue.

Onto the sendoff Jaden & Colden decided to do a sparkler exit. But as they walked through the sparklers Colden swept Jaden up and threw here over his shoulder! It was so funny you just have to see the pictures!

Getting ready photos in the bridal suite at Sleepy Ridge Wedding Venue
Bride walking down the aisle with her dad and grandpa
Groom sees the bride for the first time and starts to cry
close up ceremony photos of the bride and groom as they take their vows
Bride starts to cry while reading her vows
Celebration of becoming man and wife during the ceremony
bridal portraits on the golf course at Sleepy Ridge Wedding Venue
Food and Wedding Decoration Details at the wedding reception
cake cutting as the bride shows cake in the grooms face
First daddy daughter dance while Jaden's father starts to cry
Groom Colden throws the bride over his shoulder during the sparkler exit

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