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I live in Salt Lake City Utah. I love traveling, cozy nights at home, cooking, and camping any chance I get.  I laugh a lot, talk a lot, and joke a lot; because that's just who I am. A little goofy, a smidge bubbly, and filled with love. 

At my core I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe that love fills up our soul and can make us the best version of ourselves. I'm the girl that will watch any movie with the tiniest romance scene and have tear-filled eyes. I just can't help it. I love love.

Years ago I started photography because I was searching for my passion. After photographing my first couple I knew this was meant to do. I quit my full time job the next week and never looked back. 

Hey, I'm Terra!

Your UTAH Wedding & Elopement Photographer

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The Fun Doesn't Stop There!

 I have the sweetest cat in the world, Lucy. Brandon got her for my Christmas present last year. Best present ever! Lucy is a Siberian Forest Cat and is hypoallergenic. Brandon and I have always been allergic to cats and that's why I always dreamed of owning a Siberian Cat. She is easily one of the best things in my life, and we love her so much!

My Siberian Cat Lucy

My cat

My favorite part of traveling is learning a new culture and finding the best food. Learning a new language and eating where the locals eat is my favorite way to travel. I love Utah, but getting out and exploring is so exciting and makes you love your home even more. 

Sunny Mexico Beaches


I love food, but even more than eating I love cooking. There's something about cooking thats so calming and peaceful. My favorite thing is cooking good food and having my loved ones enjoy it. I think food brings people together and helps us connect. That's why one of my favorite parts of my day is cooking. 


My Favorite Things

All the hype about Terra is 100% true. She is so much more than a photographer and her work is BEYOND beautiful. Before I even got any photos back I was so impressed with her on our wedding day, and everyone around me was too. She helped me with my dress and got our huge family to listen. She was kind, funny, and such a light to be around. She made our day even better just by being there. Then she gave us the most stunning photos I have ever seen. I usually like maybe two but with Terra there isn't a single one I'm not obsessed with. She's magical and her talent is rare. Do yourself a favor and book Terra!! It will be the BEST decision you make. I promise. 

Little Lights on The lane, Iowa

Sam & ben

Terra is the best! Where do I even start! From just looking at the pictures on her instagram and website it was obvious this girl has talent!! The real difference maker was how professional she was over the phone, very organized, knowledgeable about the business and just weddings in general. She was so helpful with all the planning and questions on all things wedding! This girl knows her stuff! Shooting with her was a blast, we felt so comfortable and didn’t have to worry about what to do. She made it all happen and it was magical! I highly highly recommend her for any of your photography needs, I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

Peruvian Alpine Lodge, Alta UT

Emily & james

“wow. wow. wow.” This is what I think every time I see the work that Terra has done! We hired her for our May wedding and it was an absolute dream! My husband and I still find ourselves scrolling through our wedding pictures whenever we have a free chunk of time. Terra captures it all on your special day, in the most delicate, respectful way(even the little details you think you’ll remember but never actually do). These pictures are some I will cherish forever! Wedding pictures are an investment. Terra is an investment. However, it’s one you will not regret. I’ve recommended Terra time and time again! 


Karlee  & Sebastian

Terra is seriously amazing! We were so nervous for the engagement session and but it was a dream! She is so caring, fun, and makes everyone feel so comfortable. Something that she did which I absolutely loved was she brought a speaker along and played cute romantic music while taking pictures! Music made the experience so fun and made dancing in the middle of nowhere seem not so silly. Terra is very professional but makes the experience so enjoyable that by the end of the time you feel like she’s your best friend and that you’ve known her forever! 

Uinta Mountains - park City, UT

Jessica & Matt

Words from our adventure buddies