Little Sahara Sand Dunes Engagement Photoshoot

One of my favorite parts about being a Utah wedding photographer is how diverse the climate is. In Northern Utah, we have snow and ski resorts. In Southern Utah we have Zion National Park. In the middle of Utah, we have Little Sahara Sand Dunes.

Less than a 2 hour drive from Salt Lake City, Little Sahara offers camping, ATV riding, and beautiful engagement photos.

“The recreation area offers 255 improved campsites with access to 40 toilets, two sources for potable water, and 16 miles of paved roads. The campsites are located within four campgrounds: White Sands, Oasis, Jericho, and Sand Mountain. Dispersed camping is available outside of designated campgrounds.”

Little Sahara Utah is perfect for the couple who wants a neutral background, a unique location, and not too far from home.

My couple brought 3 outfits, and my bride had two flowing dresses that was perfect with the wind. The light and dark dress were a perfect contrast for engagement photos. As the sun set, it was the perfect golden hour and with a little overcast. It made for the perfect way to end the day.