Best Places to Elope In Utah

couple eloping in Moab Utah

These are the Best places to elope in Utah! I have spent years capturing elopements across Utah. I’ve spent countless hours scouting to find the perfect places for my couples to elope. I’ve collected some of my favorite places to elope in Utah here in this guide. All to help you find the perfect elopement location for you and your partner.

Why should you elope in Utah?

Utah is an incredible place to elope! Given its endless array of jaw-dropping locations; Utah serves as the perfect backdrop for your elopement. From the deep greens and high mountains of northern Utah’s Rockies. To the stretching red rocks and deserts of southern Utah. You are sure to find the location matching your personal elopement dreams! Utah is a state that is proud of its abundance of national parks and monuments. Whether you are looking for a laid-back elopement or an adventurous event, you will find it here!

Where to Elope in Utah

Zion National Park – Why is this one of the best places to elope in Utah? It has Redrocks, greenery, and sunsets galore! Zions Elopements are among the most epic elopements out there. Located in Southwest Utah, Zion boasts incredible desert views and amazing hiking possibilities. There is something incredibly magical about eloping in Zions! One of my favourite locations is only a 40-minute hike.
In other words, It offers a stunning backdrop for your elopement photos that you are guaranteed never to forget. 


Bride and Groom elope on cliffs edge in Zions Utah with sunrise and cliffs in the background.

Deer Valley – Is the perfect location if you love scenic mountain views. Here you have the possibility to ride up the ski-lift to the top of the mountain. Or, take dazzling photos by Silver Lake and enjoy luxurious lodging and delicious catering at Deer Valley Lodge. Located a close distance to Park City, the resort gives you access to nature, skiing as well as art, culture and fine dining experiences!

Moab – Is the perfect elopement destination for couples craving adventure. It boasts dramatic red rocks, national parks and scenery. In Moab you will find classic arches and desert landscapes. For instance, even waterfalls that create and serve as incredible scenery and backdrop to your wedding day. Looking to add an extra touch of adventure? For example, try 4-wheeling, kayaking or rafting before finishing off your day with a nice dinner at La Sal House?
Couple elopes in best places in utah to elope in between rock arch in Moab Utah
Best places to elope in utah salt flats
The Salt Flats – Are unique to the Utah landscape and a dreamy place to elope. No matter the day, the sunrises and sunsets light up the flats in a gorgeous array of colors. If you come after the rain the reflections will create a magical canvas for your elopement. 

Mirror Lake Highway – Has scenery to die for! If you have pictured an elopement surrounded by greenery and nature and pine trees. Then, Mirror Lake Highway is the perfect place for you. In short, If you are dreaming of a mountain escape this could be the perfect elopement location for you. 

Little Sahara Sand Dunes – The Little Sahara Sand Dunes are a spectacular Utah elopement location. Providing an exotic and adventurous desert escape. The rolling hills of sand provide an epic backdrop to your elopement photos. After that, you can go running barefoot, camping and driving ATVs, and have I mentioned the sunsets are incredible?

Bride and groom walk across sand dunes

Amangiri in Kanab – Has got to be my number one elopement location in Utah. Offering one of a kind luxurious hotel and resort. Amangiri’s combination of elegance and natural landscapes is unparalelled. It will give your elopement that unique and sophisticated touch. In conclusion, you are guaranteed to have an elopement you will never forget!

elope at Amangiri resort in Utah best place