Forgotten Wedding Tips from a Utah Wedding Photographer

Wedding Tips from a Utah Wedding Photographer! If want to get married in the prettiest state in the USA, you’re going to want to get married in Utah. Utah is the 6thhighest wedding capitol in the US!

There are some things that I think makes a wedding that much better. Here are my best wedding Tips from a Utah Wedding Photographer.

Utah has 4 seasons

Utah has weddings year-round. Many couples want an autumn wedding because they want the vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves as a backdrop. Some couples go with winter because they want the snowy background in their wedding photos. Or, many decide to get married during summertime because they value an outdoor wedding. 

Get Married Close to Home 

Many of my couples are from Utah already. Because of this, they get married locally in Utah. There are so many great venues (will link venue blog). Not only are you supporting local venue businesses, but you won’t have to ask family to travel. If you want as many of your loved ones at your wedding, get married locally. 

Prepare Your Guests on the Invite

Some Utah weddings serve food and some don’t. ( I plan on serving food at my wedding!) Either way, you can make a note on your invites to allow your guests to make plans accordingly. If you are having light refreshments, say that! Be considerate of your guests hunger.😀

Have Casual Seating

If this is a whole day event, or even a few hours. Have a designated casual setting area.  This can help guests take a break from the festivities. I’d also make sure your venue has a brides room so you can take a minute to step away if needed as well.

Get a DJ

This one gets passed up sometimes, but don’t skip this it! Hire a DJ. This take a lot of the guesswork out of your wedding. They will help you pick the perfect music, but trust their creativity as well. They always boost the mood. 

wedding tips from a utah wedding photographer

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