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bridal party walking past park city wedding venue

Hey there! First, let me just say that I am SO excited that you’re planning your very own Park City wedding. And after being a wedding photographer for what seems like a million years now, being a Park City wedding photographer truly has my heart. As a wedding photographer I focuse on candid moments, genuine emotion, and of course true-to-color editing. What does this mean? This means that I edit so that everything stays the same color as you planned it! Blue bridesmaids dresses will be blue, trees will stay green, and your skin will stay the color it’s meant to! No orange oopma loompas here, or sepia toned old style photography. I’m not your mom’s wedding photographer. I’ll pose you, direct you, make you laugh, and relax. With me put your photo worries aside, i’ve got you from here. 

Being a local to Park City Utah I have no limit of location, vendor, food, and venue recommendations! I was born and have lived in Utah my whole life. There’s no one better that knows the area like I do! Even though I grew up in Utah, my family is from California and I understand big wedding culture. I’m non-religious and love to celebrate any type of wedding your having!

Park City Wedding Venue Tips:

Located just east of Salt Lake City and just a short drive from Provo, Park City is a completely idyllic location to get married for anyone wanting that adventurous vibe. And with so many different Park City wedding venues to choose from, couples have a lot of options to tour. From the luxurious St. Regis to the quaint and charming Lookout Cabin (and so many in between), there’s no wrong choice.

As a piece of advice, start with how many people you’re expecting to invite to your wedding. That by itself will start to guide you down the right path about which wedding venue will be right for you. Because even if you fall in love with the luxury spaces at the base of the mountain, if you’re not planning to have 200+ guests, the location will feel very bare

If you’re planning an intimate wedding, your options open up really wide – especially if you and your guests are able-bodied people who are up for an adventure. After all, one of the most unique things about getting married in Park City is the gorgeous mountains and the fact that so many wedding venues in the area are scattered throughout the range. Some of them are even only accessible by chairlift/gondola! And as a Park City wedding photographer who truly does LOVE the area, this is seriously a dream by itself.

What time of the Year is best to get married?

Whether or not you live in Park City, it’s absolutely worth your time to book some tours at the venues that fit your desired aesthetic and estimated guest count. And think about all the variable options you have depending on the time of year, too! Summer & Fall are the best times of the year in my opinion to get married in Park City. In the summer there is lots of greenery and warm mild weather. In the fall goregous red and orange trees and that fall weather. 

The winter is also beautiful but my 3rd recommendation. It’s cold but oh my god is it stunning! Park City shines in the winter. However this is also Park Cities busiest and most expensive time of the year. You’ll see huge crowds of people skiing and coming for the Sundance Film festival. Spring is my least recommended season. Nothing is quite green and colorful yet, and it’s still chilly. However you can get discounts for getting married in the spring because it’s the least popoular. The biggest difference between the seasons is really just a matter of the aesthetic you’re wanting for the photos and which venue you ultimately decide that you want since some places are only available in the non-snowy months.

Just have a look through some of these beautiful Park City wedding venues:

So, start with your guest count, then think about the weather aesthetic that you want in your photos. I promise you – that’s the ultimate way to narrow down the seemingly overwhelming wedding venue search in Park City in the fastest way possible. 

bridal party walking past park city wedding venue
park city wedding bride and groom walk around the mountains

And of course, you know that I’m always here to personally help you. And you know that I would absolutely LOVE to be your Park City wedding photographer. Let’s make it happen!

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