Antelope Island Elopement in Utah

Elopement at Antelope Island

I’m so lucky to have photographed this couple for their Antelope Island Elopement in Utah. Antelope Island is absolutely breathtaking during sunset on the salt water. Reagan & Aaron wanted to say their vows in a place close to home while still being outdoors. This was the perfect place to elope with the water, soft sand beaches, golden sunsets, and cliff tops. This Antelope Island Elopement was meaningful and romantic with just the two of them. They wrote their own vows and it was tear filled evening as the sun went down.

Reagon’s Wedding Dress

The Florist Olive & Sage

Bride & Groom Elopeing at Antelope Island
Elopement on top of the rocks at antelope island
Kiss Dip at the Great Salt Lake Utah
steamy sunset kisses
Portraits of the bride on a rock at antelope island
steamy kiss as the sun sets on the beach

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