Winter Elopement Tips | How to Stay Warm

Planning a Winter Elopement? I’ve photographed of elopements and these are the best Winter Elopement Tips & Tricks you’ll find anywhere!

Nude Fleece Leggings:
Wearing nude fleece leggings can keep you warm during your photo shoot. Another benefit of wearing nude fleece leggings is that it can be worn underneath the dress and will look invisible in the pictures. They add the needed extra layer of warmth to stay nice and warm during your elopement! They are for men or women too! Get them on Amazon Nude Leggings

Extra Make-Up:
This might sound a bit funny but this tip works! Make sure that you use extra makeup around your nose and the areas on your face that quickly become red due to cold. After being in the cold you’ll get the sniffles and your nose will start to run. You will wipe your nose and by the middle of our photo session your nose will be red and all of your foundation will be gone. Add extra makeup to keep your skin from looking red & smooth for the photos!

Snow Boots Always:
If you are planning to take some shots in the snow then do not forget to wear snow boots underneath your wedding dress. The snow boots are never visible under the flair of the wedding gown and will also keep you warm throughout your shoot!

Electric Hand Warmers:
Electric hand warmers are easy to carry as they are portable. Therefore, do not forget to take them with you! You can warm yourself up with the hand warmers. The best par of electric hand warmers is they are reusable! You don’t have to throw them away and they will last much longer than the cheap ones. Get them here

Grab Your Winter Coat:
Last but not least, make sure you bring your winter coat. There will be many times we aren’t taking photos. Like walking to another location, grabbing the flowers, waiting for a family member for group photos, etc. Keep your winter coat close so you can put in on and keep warm when you can.

Winter Weddings & Engagement Sessions are absolutely dreamy and break taking! But the cold can really affect your mood & skin! Stay warm by using these Winter Wedding Tips so you can stay warm too! Happy Wedding Planning!

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