Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer

I was honored to photograph Emma & Adams Salt Lake wedding photographer experience from start to finish. Starting with their engagement session, bridals, and then their wedding day. They were the kindest couple to photograph. Most all of my couples don’t in Utah and are either having a destination wedding or the grew up here. Utah is extremely popular for destination weddings because of how beautiful the landscape. Not to mention we have over 5 national parks.

Bonneville Salt Flats Bridal Session

The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah is a stunning place to photograph. The glittery salt is out of this world especially at sunrise or sunset. The flats flood with less than an inch of water covers the flats and reflects the sky.  

We all piled in the car together to drive to the Bonneville Salts Flats for their bridal session. You can’t tell in these photos, but it was freezing. The bride was dressed in a white wedding gown and the groom wore a black suit with a black tie. This was the first time the couple had seen each other in their wedding attire. It was an emotional and beautiful moment. The love was palpable throughout their bridal photoshoot.

After the bridal photoshoot, we were starving. We went to get dinner after the photoshoot and they paid for my dinner! I know that seems simple, but it was so kind. These are the kind of couples that I find myself working with over and over again. Kind people who want timeless wedding heirlooms.

Salt Lake Wedding

I would be honored to photograph your wedding day because your wedding isn’t just another wedding to me. This is why I specialized in wedding photography! This includes engagements, bridals, and the wedding day celebrations. Some couples even hire to photograph their proposal.

What to expect When Working with a Wedding Photographer

My couples who get married in Park City receiving a wedding guide with my photography services. Next, my couples get unlimited photos! There isn’t ANY Limit! on average my couples get 800-1500 fully edited high res images form their wedding day. If you have an engagement session than that’s more photos! All my pricing is inclusive meaning there’s no extra fees for travel or extra photos or anything annoying like that. My couples all have access to my network. I have spent years developing my network with wedding vendors in the Park City and Salt Lake region. All of my wedding vendors are LGBQT+ friendly, too!

Most recently, I photographed weddings in Mexico, Europe, and all over the Unites States. I have photographed over 150 weddings, which means that there is no situation that I haven’t encountered. This includes rouge weather on your wedding day, family drama, and normal wedding mishaps.

I believe my job as your wedding photographer is to make you look good, and I mean good. Like damn, is that US? I’m also getting those candid, real, emotional moments that are unfolding right in front of me. Your love is special and worth documenting. I can’t freeze a moment in time, but I can help you relive it again and again through the images I capture for you.

Salt Lake City Based Wedding Photographer

Terra Ong is a Salt Lake City based Wedding Photographer. She specializes in photographing dreamy weddings in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah. Terra is published in the New York Times, The Knot, and Rocky Mountain Bride. She is known for her breathtaking wedding landscapes. She captures the tender moments between newlyweds. Terra believes that love is love and is a love inclusive wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography Reviews and Work

“Terra is incredible. Her work speaks for its self, but she is also awesome to work with. She’s responsive, professional, and makes you feel comfortable which translated so well on camera. She photographed our engagements, our welcome party and and wedding day, and we couldn’t be happier with how they all turned out.

Not to mention she doesn’t cap how many photos she provides and we ended up with over 1300! And not 1300 where half of them are trash, but 1300 excellent photos.

Also, she excels at capturing photos without optimal lighting. For example, our reception photos are so fun! Hire her. You won’t regret it.” – Raini & Michael

“Terra has a beautiful way of capturing love. She takes the time to get to know you as a couple and keeps you comfortable the whole time. She is so fun and genuine. It no longer feels like you’re strangers who just met when she’s behind the camera, she’s your long time friend hanging out and taking pictures. The quality of her work is beyond words. She was able to capture the love in our engagements, the tenderness of our bridals, and the fun of our wedding day. I was so happy with all my pictures and would highly recommend Terra to everyone! Hire her! You will not be disappointed!” – Jo & Scott

“All the hype about Terra is 100% true. She is so much more than a photographer and her work is BEYOND beautiful. Before I even got any photos from Terra I was so impressed with her on the day of our wedding, and everyone around me was too. She stood up to our not so nice bus driver and helped me with my dress. Terra got our huge family to listen and get in a giant photo, and she didn’t get mad when I accidentally popped champagne all over her (SO SORRY, but at least we have the funniest photos ever from that moment LOLOL)!

She was kind, funny, and such a light to be around. Terra made our day even better just by being there. Then to top it off she gave us the most stunning photos I have ever seen. The amount of people who have reached out to me to complement our photos is insane. People I haven’t spoken to in years felt so compelled to reach out and comment on how amazing our pictures turned out… and it’s true!

There are hundreds of photos and each one is amazing. I usually like maybe two or three but with Terra there isn’t a single one I’m not obsessed with. She’s magical and her talent is rare and I’m not sure it can be taught she just has it. Last thing I’ll note is her pricing cannot be beat. Most people I talk to spend min of 6/k on their wedding photos only to get maybe 80 pictures. Terra traveled out of state, had a second shooter, spent ten hours with us, and delivered over 1000 stunning photos and it was no where near 6/k. And to be honest she is 200x better then those 6/k photographers my friends all booked (and my friends agree). So do yourself a favor and book Terra!! It will be the BEST decision you make. I promise. :)” – Samantha

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