What is the Average Cost of a Wedding in Utah?

I have seen many budgets for weddings in my years. Being in the Utah wedding industry gives me a unique perspective on what people should budget for! The average cost for a wedding in Utah in 2021 is just over $19,000. Which is about $10,00 less than the year before. The USA Average is $30,000.

That is due to inflation and venues being closed over the last couple of years. Couples have taken control of their weddings and had intimate weddings with their closest family and friends in their favorite outdoor locations. 

Popular wedding locations for Utahn Couples have been:

If you are tired of waiting for a venue, or don’t want to spend your budget on a venue, that’s exactly what you should do. Gather your closest loved ones and get married in your favorite Utah vacation spot from your childhood.

couple in the sand dunes of utah

I hope this helped you determine what the Average cost of a wedding in Utah is! It can range so much depending on what kind of wedding you want to have. Discuss with your partner to decide what’s right for you! All types of wedding celebrations are great! Weather you spend 100k on a glamours wedding or 0 and say your vows in the woods. It’s about the love you share with your partner and doing what feels right to you!