What Order Should I Book My Wedding Vendors?

What Order Should I Book My Wedding Vendors?

So many couples ask me this question! To be honest, there is no right order. But with that in mind, some vendors may be booked out for a year already. Like me!

Start by booking the vendors who are your must have people on your wedding day

Many brides or grooms may have their eyes on a wedding vendor when they know they are getting ready to get engaged. And some vendors may need to be booked as soon as you get engaged. Reach out to them those vendors with a date in mind.

Follow your favorite potential vendors on social media so you can make sure their work aligns with your vision before you book. Set time aside to check out their portfolios on their website.


Now that you have your dream vendors, it’s time to nail down the venue. This is one item you are going to want to check off your list soon after the engagement. Do not wait! Especially if it is a popular venue, which the best ones can be. When booking a venue, consider the time of year you are getting married, if you want an outdoor or indoor wedding, or if you want to elope in nature and not pay for a venue. Start looking as soon as possible, 1-2 years out on venues.

Photographer & Videographer

Photographers & Videographers get booked next! If you want someone good I would reach out as soon as possible, because dates get booked up quick! 1 year out is standart to start looking & booking!

Wedding Planner

Wedding planners will make your life so much easier! Start looking 1-2 years out.


If you are traveling for you wedding it is a good idea to book in advance as well. Once you have a destination venue, it is time to book! Do not forget to budget this into your wedding. If you budget allows, consider budgeting in travel for family members or close friends. This can be a kind gesture for people who have touched you life or your partners life. 1-1.5 year out you want to start looking.

Wedding Gown

Depending on the gown, you may need to get alterations. It is smart to be on top of this, although it may not be the first thing you do, it will be one of your favorites. 6-9 months before the wedding is a good time to start shopping.

Book Smaller Vendors

“Smaller” is in reference to budget. Maybe you want to DIY your own bouquet instead of hiring a florist. Maybe your DJ isn’t your priority. Either way, don’t forget to book the smaller vendors too! 3- 6 months is a good time frame.

what order should I book my wedding vendors?

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